Serpie Planner - event reports

Boston Marathon (18 Apr 2005)

26.2 miles run from WSW to ENE.
Noon Start at Hopkinton - Sunny & 70F, wind from ENE at 10 mph, 16% humidity.
At the finish at Boston - Sunny & 66F, wind from SE at10 mph, 36% humidity.

Race day was not quiet as boiling as last year's nor as warm as the day before in Fenway Park. Guinness, Harp Lager and Sam Adams's Boston Beer are now available inside the park which made ideal accompaniments as we watched the Red Soxs take batting practice upon the Devil Rays. To be honest, nether starting pitcher made it past the 5th and the hotdogs lacked the crisp snap they should have as you bite through their skin if they were the perfect ballpark frank.

The BAA sure know how to put on a good event; the buses were still yellow, the athletes village was like a concert in the park, the spectators were terrific (and not just at Wellesley) and the finish area superbly organised.

report by Phil McCubbins