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Athens Classic Marathon (04 Nov 2007)

The 25th Athens Classic Marathon produced its best ever time, 2:14:40 - Benjamin Korir Kiprotich. Kiptanui came in second in 2:15:03, beating by 12 seconds his previous winning time here. Eight athletes from Kenya in top ten, with a Japanese coming 7th and a Greek tenth.

Hilly at times in the third quarter of the route but not as hilly as the terrain profile may seem. The last 10K are downhill towards Central Athens, after long long streches of road from village to village and into suburbs.
It started at 9 but at 6.30-7 we've already queued for dozens of coaches to take us from the Panathinaiko Stadium, the finish point, to Marathonas, the place where the race traditionally starts. Yet it was good fun on the travel and... we've seen an amazing soldier-runner appropriatelly equipped - armour, shield, helmet, javelin - enacting the foot soldier and his famous run from Marathonas to Atens in 490BC, when bringing the news of the great terestrial battlewin of Athenians against the much more numerous Persians.
The soldier-runner was already on his way to Athens that early in the morning and later in the race we caught up with him - he kept going...

The finish on Panathinaiko Stadium is a special one. It was the finish point for 2004 Athens Olympic Marathon and staged as well the 1896 Olympic games - built on Roman foundations.
Rosa Motta attended the start of the race, a spectacular one too - with plenty of baloons launched by us as we started.

Report by: Mihai Comsulea