Serpie Planner - event reports

Thames Towpath 10M (03 Apr 2005)

The course is fast and flat, almost all traffic-free and pleasant along the towpath, with very friendly and supportive marshals. It was very well organised - car parking, the start and finish. Instead of a medal / t-shirt momento, you get a pint glass with the race date and the fuller's London Pride logo - much more useful!

I would strongly recommend this race to other Serpies - it was a shame it clashed this year with the last

Thames Towpath 10M (06 Apr 2008)

A fair number of no-shows, due to the weather - heavy snow falling first thing. A shame, because once the race had started there was a respite and it wasn't quite as bad as might have been expected. I wonder if the kit master could source some of those knee-high running socks and get them in Serpentine colours...? The trot twice around the rugby pitch at the start before finally escaping out on to the road was subdued even further by snow in the grass (as well as mud) and any plans for a sprint finish on the final 50 metre stretch were scuppered for the same reason.

Extraordinarily cheerful marshals, notwithstanding that that they had to stand around in the cold and a second fall of snow later in the race. Reportedly the 'worst cup of tea ever tasted' in the race HQ afterwards...