Serpie Planner - event reports

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon (14 Dec 2003)

The course is also much hillier than the race web site
("undulating in places") indicates. Apart from that little misleading impression, the
race organisation was excellent, with an abundant supply of friendly marshalls and other
helpers, and good spectator support.

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon (12 Dec 2004)

Some good results - Jamie Felix was second in the ladies race, one place better than last year, and Simon Barrett 7th in the men's race.

Also several PBs, notably Jane Bailey who knocked 11 minutes off her Barns Green time!
report by Neil Hall

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon (10 Dec 2006)

After having cleverly avoided the closures on the M1 a 15 minute queue to enter the North car park followed by a 12 minute wait for the loos almost made me miss the start of this race and I\'m sure many others were in the same boat. We\'ll have to leave home early next time this is a well organised race for 2000 people and this years finishers gift was a useful bottle belt in Bedford Harriers colours well worth whatever it cost to enter.

A fairly hilly course and no rain or icy surfaces to contend with but the headwinds were intolerable in places and anyone who managed to come away from this with a pb really did well and has better times to look forward to!

Report by Gavin Edmonds

Bedford Harriers Half Marathon (11 Dec 2011)

This is a very well organised race with friendly marshalls. The first 9 miles are quite undulating though less hilly than than The Watford or Berkhamsted halfs. The last three miles are mostly downhill or flat. Today it was windy.

At the end you got a waterproof mac. According to the Runners World forum there was tea and bacon rolls on offer too.

While this is not a first choice event for a PB I highly recommend it. Well organised , friendly marshalls and a good atmosphere.

Report: Raoul Mansukhani