Serpie Planner - event reports

Cranleigh 21M (16 Mar 2003)

A popular warm-up for London and other Spring marathons, it
consists of one 9 mile loop and two 6 mile loops. There is the option of a
15 mile race by just running the first two loops

Cranleigh 21M (20 Mar 2005)

This is a low key friendly race that many people use as a long slow run in preparation for Spring marathons. There were fewer Serpies than usual this year as it clashed with our own 20 mile Club Championship. The race consists of a 9 mile loop followed by a 6 mile loop for those wanting
to run a 15 mile race. Those in the 21 mile race run the 6 mile loop a second time. The distances are odd (15 miles and 340 yards or 21 miles and 151 yards) but accurately measured with mile markers. It is run mostly on
country lanes through the largely flat and beautiful Surrey countryside.

There is very little traffic perhaps because of the 9 a.m. start. There were 385 finishers this year.

report by Anthony Stranger-Jones

Cranleigh 21M (25 Mar 2007)

15.2 mile and 21.1m races, held on courses consisting of 2 laps (9+6) and 3 laps (9+6x2). Basically a flattish course, but with a shortish sharp hill towards the end of the 6 mile laps. Largely on well maintained rural roads (a brief stretch on solid grit paths). Well marshalled. Cranleigh is near Guildford. 470 finishers in the 21 mile and 187 in the 15 mile. Definitely recommended as prep for a spring marathon.