Serpie Planner - event reports

English National XC Championship (women) (16 Feb 1991)

Race distance 5.4k
We won the bronze medal in the vets category.
Full results unknown although team was probably Pauline Rich, Barbara Ralph (nee Sheldon), Ros Young & Nicky Rosewell

English National XC Championship (women) (08 Mar 1997)

Team results 4 to score
Women - 21st

English National XC Championship (women) (23 Feb 2008)

The 4-to-score team came 33rd out of 61 closing teams. There were 495 finishers.

English National XC Championship (women) (27 Feb 2010)

Mostly firm and grassy but with thick mud in places.

Serpentine Ladies finished in 19th place out of 61 teams.

English National XC Championship (women) (19 Feb 2011)

We won the team bronze medal.

Venue - Alton Towers. Race distance reduced to 6k due to conditions.

English National XC Championship (women) (25 Feb 2012)

In the 4 to score team result we were 8th:
301 Serpentine RC ( 25 27 124 125 )

Saturday, 25th February was the final cross country race of the season - the National Cross Country Championships, held this year at Parliament Hill. Like many of the cross country races this season, it was a beautiful sunny day, a huge contrast to last years terrible conditions.

Our first female runner home was Sandy Wilson feeling strong and finishing in 25th, just ahead of Sylvie Lloyd in 27th. Anna Ferguson continued to make a great come back from her foot operation and came in 124th and only 1 second behind her was Vic Crawford in 125th, these 4 made up our scoring team who finished a very creditable 8th.

Helen Winsor was next to finish in 131st, followed by Becky Glover in 148th enjoying the mud a bit too much! Teresa Gaillard De Laubenque came in 190th and in 209th was this years Serpentine Ladies Cross Country Champion Laura Denison who really has shown huge improvements throughout the season. Sarah Knox finished in 216th, followed by Wendy Vandoolaeghe in 229th who some how managed to run despite having a broken coccyx (hope it gets better soon!). Next over the line in 236th was Grace Kimble and having another good run was Lisa Pettit in 325th, with Melissa Brand only a couple of seconds behind in 326th. Poppy Lenton finished in 366th, in 371st was Ilona Bagi, 375th was Jo Conn followed by Beatrice Bonello in 415th. Caroline Ringrow baker of the amazing little serpiebread men came in 440th. Cheryl Sacks came in 464th and Valerie Metcalf in 471st both of whom have done every cross country race this season - well done! Sigrid Stangl came in 486th followed by Stephanie Vaatz in 541st finishing off with Susan Kennedy in 621st.

A big thank you to Jen Bradley and her team of helpers who as well as doing a great job marshalling, provided plenty of much needed cheering and support on the way round. Also a lot of hard work has been put in throughout the season and for the Nationals by Malcolm French, Steph Vaatz, Bev Thomas and Sally Hodge, thank you all! It was great to see so many other supporters out too - peoples parents, family and partners, and so many people at the end of season social.

So the cross country season is now over, but there are plenty of other team events to look forward to, in particular the 6 Stage Road Relays, we hope you see as many of you sign up as possible for this great team event. If you would like to get involved, please sign up using this link (you must be logged in to view this page and click on the relevant link on the right hand side – 6 stage for women)

English National XC Championship (women) (23 Feb 2013)

Pos Points Team / Club Placings
1 42 Aldershot Farnham & District AC ( 6 9 11 16 )
2 174 Charnwood AC ( 3 7 53 111 )
3 231 Serpentine RC ( 46 51 52 82 )

English National XC Championship (women) (21 Feb 2015)

Serpentine women finished in 6th place in the 4-to-score team competition.

English National XC Championship (women) (27 Feb 2016)

Women's team came 5th