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Sri Chinmoy 3x1 Mile Relay (26 Jul 2010)

The 2nd fastest team overall - Andrew Taylor, Nicola Negra, Steven Evans

The 1st fastest ladies team - Siobhan Reddy, Alison Nolan, Victoria Carter

Sri Chinmoy 3x1 Mile Relay (20 Jun 2011)

Winning All Ladies Team - Serpentine Thunderbolts
Victoria Carter, Alison Nolan, Siobhan Reddy

Winning Over 50s Team - Serpentine Old Boys
Jean-Luc Hoez, Brian Pickles, Ian Hall

Sri Chinmoy 3x1 Mile Relay (04 Aug 2014)

Victoria Crawford, Lisa Petit and Ilona Bagi were 1st womens team.