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Richmond Ranelagh Half Marathon (16 May 2004)

Aargh... another race with a horrendously early start
(8.30am), which (for me) means getting up at 4.30am in
order to have breakfast in good time. Four hours sleep is
definitely not enough for a good race performance. But for
a hot day like this, an early start makes sense.

This is a flat course; combine that with the absence of
wind and you would expect some fast times. Not so - the
winner's time was only 1h12, and most runners were complaining about the heat. One little cup of water at each
of the three water stations is not enough on a day like
this, and I was feeling very thirsty towards the end, a
sure sign of dehydration. It would have been better to
carry one's own fluid.
Despite the problems with the heat, this is still a very enjoyable race, in (mostly) very pleasant scenery, and very
well marshalled.

Report by Neil Hall.

Richmond Ranelagh Half Marathon (15 May 2005)

Serpies were 1st Women

Richmond Ranelagh Half Marathon (10 May 2009)

TEAMS MEN: (Scoring 3 a side)
1. Stragglers 44
2. Serpentine 55
3. Ranelagh Harriers 58

Miguel Branco, Jolyon Attwooll, Andrew Davies

TEAMS WOMEN: (Scoring 3 a side)
1. Stragglers 14
2. Serpentine 30
3. Wimbledon Windmilers 34

Claire Imrie, Catherine Shelley, Poppy Lenton

Richmond Ranelagh Half Marathon (05 May 2013)

Vic Carter came second in the woman's race. Darren McNeely came second and Mischa Balen came sixth in the men’s race. Serpie men were 2nd team. The Ranelagh Half Marathon is advertised as a fast flat course and I would say this is an accurate description. The course does have more than its fair share of sharp turns but in my opinion is one of the faster halfs. On the down side the race has an early(8:30am) start. Also the race was a bit congested - but only for the first half mile - then the field spreads out. Friendly/encouraging marshals and a good club atmosphere. Entry cost £16 and for that you got a medal, a banana and a Mars Bar. Highly recommended.

Full results at :

Report by R Mansukhani