Serpie Planner - event reports

Midnight Wo/Man Triathlon (half) (27 Jul 2013)

A useful race to know about as it is within a train ride of London. There is also a full ironman distance and a quarter going on at the same time. Race start time was 6.15pm.It was a lake swim, 2 laps for the half distance, the water temperature was 23 degrees, so pretty warm. The forecast was rain and rain it did. 10 laps on a dual carriage way, lots of 180 degrees tight turns. Lots of punctures, lots of drop outs. The run was 4 laps of a loop which consisted of a bit of off road, mainly though pavement and road not flat by any means and lots of snail obstacles which had come out after all the rain. Overal a fast course and if you don't mind racing at night a great race to do.

Report by Anna Diamantopoulos