Serpie Planner - event reports

Ljubljana Marathon (24 Oct 2010)

Two laps of a flat road course, going through both forest and town (see the web
site for the route and the profile). Generally very scenic, though the last 5km
or so of each lap is uninspiring, down a major road. Late October in Ljubljana
is generally fairly cool - the average temperature for the race is about 13.5
degrees (the web site has the weather history).

The considerably more popular half marathon (which had about 5,500 runners in
2009, compared to 1,000 for the marathon) starts with the marathon, so it can be
a little crowded in the early stages. When we did it, each pen was held while
the runners in the previous pen were given a couple of hundred metres' start, so
being at the front of the pen was enough to avoid that.

Drink stations were every few kilometres, with water and sports drink.

A well-organised race, highly recommended (with the caveat that this was only my
third marathon, so I don't have a lot to compare to).

The city itself is very picturesque. Worth taking an extra day or two to have a
look around.

Report by P Holberton