Serpie Planner - event reports

Milan City Marathon (28 Nov 2004)

I read a lot beforehand about the 'best ever tee-shirt' for this event -- true .. if you like shocking pink collars & cuffs!! Overall, however, this is definitely a great European winter event and highly recommended. Around
8,000 runners took part this year. The race started at the Piazza Duca D'Aosta (Central Station) and finished at the picturesque Piazza Duomo, with a real city streets course looping around central Milan. One drawback was the use of several 'hairpins', where you run up one side of the road while your leaders/followers run down the other (OK once, but it seemed to do this a lot). This is one of the fastest courses I have experienced, with good pre, during and after race facilities, including great, sponge, water and Isotar points every 5km . Spectators looked bemused, rather than supportive, so expect a generally quiet run. The event was well organised and good value for money. Weather conditions on the day were perfect for marathon running, cold but sunny with cloudless skies.

report by Robin Gray

Milan City Marathon (04 Dec 2005)

Course: Fairly dull new course, but fast and almost entirely flat.

Summary: A good-value late-season marathon if you\'re looking for a fast time. Most km markers missing in the second half and occasionally ineffective marshalling of traffic, but with about 6,000 participants it isn\'t a crowded race and refreshment stops are frequent and well organised. Nice t-shirt, and salami for finishers! Entry form suggested that a medical certificate is required, however organisers were happy to accept a UK running club membership card instead.

Report by Nikolai Pitchforth.