Serpie Planner - event reports

Finchley 20M (12 Mar 2000)

The first-ever 20 Mile championship took place within the Finchley 20m, on an unseasonably hot 12 March. Sixteen Serpies ran in club colours, having entered properly, and therefore qualify for the club championship.

Congratulations to our first champions, Elinor Rest and Al Chou.

The results are shown in "age-graded" performance percentage order. Just to remind you, these percentages represent your performance, when compared with a notional world record for your age and sex. 100% would be the world record, 90% would be an international class performance and 80% a national class performance.

The club's overall Age -Graded Championship will be awarded on the basis of the best 6 performances in the available 9 championship races. To qualify for each, you MUST be wearing club colours, be a fully paid-up member, and be properly entered.

In addition to those listed above, the following Serpies completed the Finchley 20, "improperly attired":

Clare Carvello, 2 24 29, Simon Mills, 2 47 05, Robert Pritchard, 2 35 58

Finchley 20M (13 Mar 2005)

Well done to Simon Barrett who was fourth. The men's team were second (Simon, Steve Brett, Matt Brito). Jamie Felix was second woman, and the women took the first team prize -Jamie, Lynn Plumbley and Bethan Fallon.

Slight chilly northerly wind, but otherwise ideal conditions for a race of this distance. Four five mile loops over an undulating uninspirational course, with dubious mile markers. The fact that no Mars bars were given to those that failed to complete the last circuit gave the race that extra edge. Fun runners are obviously not welcome in Ruislip.
report by Paul O'Donnell

This long-established pre-London 20 miler took place in the suburbs of west London. The course comprised four laps, passing through a little countryside, some housing estates, and along a number of busy roads. The route was undulating, although by lap four many of the gentle slopes encountered on lap one had turned into full-scale mountains! The race was well organised by Hillingdon AC, with two water stations on each lap, a medal and a Mars bar given at the finish, and refreshments in the clubhouse afterwards.

However, the mile markers were somewhat out of place, with miles one and two being much longer than any of the others! This made pacing quite difficult, although on lap four it was a real boost to know that the final mile was a short one! The race was psychologically as hard as it was physically

Finchley 20M (09 Mar 2008)

Serpentine won both the men's (4 to score) and women's (3 to score) team medals.

Eric Phillips and Penny Thorn both won silver medals in the Middlesex County Championship.
Rachel Zuckerman won the bronze medal.
David McGregor won the V50 category.
Claire Imrie was 2nd in the FV35 category.

Finchley 20M (28 Mar 2010)

Race included the Middlesex County 20 mile Championship where Natalie Kolodziej took gold and Victoria Carter silver.

Finchley 20M (11 Mar 2012)

Will was second in the race and his time was a new Serpentine 20 mile club record.
Helen and Fernando were both third in the race.
Victoria was the silver medallist in the Middlesex County Championship section of the race.

Finchley 20M (09 Mar 2014)

Sunday's Finchley 20 included the Middlesex County 20 mile Championship. Excellent Serpentine performances saw Helen Gaunt (4th overall) and Catherine Harris take the gold and silver medals in the Middlesex ladies section of the race while Jonathan Poole (2nd overall) and Will Green took gold and bronze for the men.
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In the open team competition, the Serpentine men placed first and the ladies were second.

Malcolm French