Serpie Planner - event reports

Stroud Half Marathon (22 Oct 2006)

All Road mainly through wonderful countryside slightly undulating - Two water stops at 6/11 mile points and no lapping on the course. About 2500 runners who all met up in a local school field near the town, it was great that i managed quite easily to have a free massage at the start and at the finish organised by the local community and at my pace the queue is usually to long to wait for a massage.

Stroud Running club were especially accommodating and very well organised with wonderful marshalling all the way round. Its a friendly local place and even when struggling a little on the course i hooked up with some of the runners from Stroud running club who were good enough to keep me going when i needed some one to pace me in to get under two.

Race report by Helen (Ruth) James

Stroud Half Marathon (21 Oct 2007)

I was the only Serpie running Stroud this year down from 6 in last years race. It was a crisp clear day at the start of the race and it only warmed up 2 or 3 degrees throughout the duration, making it ideal conditions for running. The circular course is slightly undulating with only a couple of small hills so it is quite a good race for attacking your PB which I managed to do by bettering my own best time by 7 minutes over my time on the Bird Rock Half Marathon in May and knocking 19 minutes off my time for the same race last year. Organisation by the Stroud & District AC was as good as it was last year and the course is quite pretty except for a short stint along the A38 and a brief but unfortunate loop around an industrial estate near the end of the race. The winner was Williard Chinhanhu from Poole Runners who finished in 01:06:51. Overall a highly recommended race, I'll be back next year.

Stroud Half Marathon (26 Oct 2014)

Andy was the race winner