Serpie Planner - event reports

Berkhamsted Half Marathon (06 Mar 2005)

A well organised race over an entertaining course through the rolling countryside to the east of Berkhamsted.
The geography plays merry hell with regular mile splits as the route mixes character building short sharp hills, steady upward inclines, flattish recovery sections and some wonderfully fast downhill sections that stretch for a couple of miles, particularly into the finish.

report by Ruairi Maciver

Berkhamsted Half Marathon (05 Mar 2006)

Another large Serpie turnout for a club championship race! Andrew Reeves won the race with Kevin Darcy 2nd overall. Karen Hancock was 3rd woman and 1st vet woman. We also won the male team award (1st 4 men).

This is a very hilly race and so everyone\'s times are a little slower than normal.

Berkhamsted Half Marathon (01 Mar 2009)

A race which makes the most of the undulating countryside of the Chilterns around Berkhamsted. A dry but overcast day. Serpie mens' team came in 4th place.

Report by
Catharine S.