Serpie Planner - event reports

Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon (14 Sep 2003)

This years race took place on what was to become a very hot day. The
organisation was excellent and the race was friendly, I was amazed by the
amount of people shouting "Well Done Serpie!!" The only letdown was the
heat, a shortage of water stations during the first half led to problems of
dehydration later in the race and full sympathy goes out to the family and
friends of the poor chap who collapsed and died at mile 9.
The race itself incorporates both the half and full marathons which did lead
to quite a congested first 12 miles, although once the race split, you were
basically on your own... A far cry from the city giants such as London!!
>From the start the route is reasonably level along, Bunbury Street, Meadow
Way, Arkwright Road, Station Street and London Road. The course then climbs
up to the town centre levelling out as you pass the Council House and the
Old Market Square.

Another up hill section follows as the route climbs up Friar Lane towards
Nottingham Castle (2 miles). Beyond the Castle there is a steep downhill
section into Nottingham Park Estate. Turning right into Lenton Boulevard the
course rises and then turns left into Church Street (4 miles).

The route avoids the steep climb up to Wollaton Hall using the lower path
through. After exiting the park the course then climbs to Wollaton Village

The route then returns to QMC roundabout initially climbing gently and then
descending past QMC.
The race then splits at 12.5 miles, Half marathon runners continue
anticlockwise round the roundabout at the end of Wilford Bridge. The final
run-in for the Half Marathon is along the Embankment to Wilford Grove (13
miles) and into the "finishing straight.
report from Robin Gray - see also marathon report