Committees Structure


How do the Committees work?

The Club is managed by two Committees which work together to manage the club; the Governance Committee and the Operational Committee.

The Governance Committee consists of five volunteer members, including three Officers and two Ordinary Representatives.  The Operational Committee consists of the three Officers and Four ordinary Representatives. All the positions are elected each year at the Club Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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General roles and responsibilities of the Committees

The role of the Governance Committee is to make decisions on behalf of the members to ensure the club is run properly. This includes facilitating activities that club members want to do and ensuring that we do everything we are legally and officially obliged to do as a club.

Given the size of the club and range of activities provided, Governance and Operational Committee members work with a variety of additional volunteers in sub-roles to organise, co-ordinate and provide these different activities for members. See the diagram below that highlights how this works:

Names of each of the committee members and their contact details can be found here.

If you are interested in joining the Governance or Operational Committee or volunteering for other roles within the club, contact the relevant Committee member via the Committee contacts page.


The three Officer positions are Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.

They are responsible for ensuring that, as a club, we adhere to our legal and official obligations. This primarily means following the rules as set out by the national and regional governing bodies which administer our sport (e.g. UK Athletics (UKA), British Triathlon Federation (BTF), etc.), and the general rules of running a non-profit or membership organisation, which include having our own set of club rules and bye-laws.

Ordinary Representatives

The Governance Committee has two ordinary members whose roles are:

  • Marketing
  • Membership

The Operational Committee has four ordinary members, in addition to the Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Secretary, whose roles are:

  • Competition
  • Race Organisation
  • Technical Leadership
  • Triathlon

The Representatives are responsible for overseeing activities within certain areas of the club (e.g. athletics). These are primarily the core activities that have been developed by the membership over time. Representatives are also available as the point of contact for members for their area, whether to raise a query, address an issue or consider a new idea or activity for the club.

Committee member contacts and responsibilities

Committee contacts

Minutes of the meetings of the Committees

Minutes of recent Committee meetings can be found below:

Minutes from earlier Committee meetings will be added onto a separate page soon