Committee Roles – Honorary Treasurer


The Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial affairs of the club.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Maintenance of accounts
  • Payments and deposits
  • Financial reports for Committee meetings
  • Annual, audited financial statements for the club AGM

General duties and responsibilities

  • Banking of cash and cheque receipts
  • Processing and payment of purchase invoices and expenses
  • Issuing of sales invoices and collection of outstanding debts
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Reconcile electronic payments statements
  • Maintain the club accounts by use of an appropriate accounting system
  • Ensure accountability in all areas of the club where funds are collected eg races, social events, etc


Committee meeting cycle

  • Produce, distribute and discuss interim accounts with Committee
  • Distribute copies of latest bank statements (current and deposit) to the Committee


  • Prepare annual accounts for audit after the fiscal year end
  • Present the audited accounts to AGM, and answer any questions arising
  • Prepare a budget or forecast for the club