Committee – Honorary Secretary


The Secretary has the pivotal role for maintaining relationships with the sport’s governing bodies and other relevant external organisations and for ensuring that the club complies with the rules that govern the sport. Internally, the Secretary has responsibility for compliance with the rules and bye-laws. The Secretary is the key Committee contact for members.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Club rules and bye-laws
  • Liaison with official sports bodies (UKA, SEAA, BTF, CTT etc.)
  • Agendas and minutes for Committee meetings
  • Club AGM
  • Membership administration
  • Royal Parks

General duties and responsibilities

  • Be aware of views, and of what’s going in the club and of what’s happening in the governance of the sport generally. Where necessary, initiate action, either alone or with other officers
  • Direct incoming communication, including race entry forms, to the appropriate Committee member or task holder
  • Give advice and support where necessary
  • Contribute to good governance of the club

Under the bye-laws, the Secretary has delegated responsibility for new membership applications. In practice, this is subject to a written further delegation to the membership co-ordinator.

Day-to-day contact with members and external persons is delegated to a group of members who answer common enquiries received on the email account.

Overlaps exist with the Committee member responsible for communications, with whom the Secretary will liaise and coordinate.


Committee meeting cycle

  • In consultation with the Chair, prepare and distribute agenda and minutes for Committee meetings
  • Prepare and present the Secretary’s report regarding the club’s recent and upcoming activities
  • Proposals for potential bye-law changes

October – December

  • Request licenses from the Royal Parks Agency for the club’s 24 monthly races, New Year’s Day 10k and other races. This may require attending meetings at the Agency’s offices


  • Apply to London Marathon for club entries
  • Order trophies for the monthly handicaps and club championship races to be held throughout the year


  • Register all foreign athletes in the club with UK Athletics
  • In conjunction with the Treasurer, arrange the payment of affiliation fees with UKA, EA, Middlesex AA, SEAA, BTF, CTT, etc. as agreed by the Committee
  • Arrange process for the fair and transparent allocation of the club’s entries in the London Marathon

December / January

  • Award the club places for the London Marathon


  • Book venue for AGM (other GMs as appropriately)
  • Send notification of GMs to members
  • Procure nominations for Committee office, in accordance with the club rules
  • Award the Secretary’s Shield
  • Organise agenda for GMs
  • Resolutions
  • Nomination of Officers
  • Prepare and give Secretary’s Report
  • Proposals for potential rule changes