Committee – Competition Lead


The role of the Competition Lead, a representative on the Committee, is to encourage, consider and track members’ participation in the road and cross-country events. The role also oversees and encourages Juniors’ participation in the competitions.

Specific activities/jobs

  • Ensure that the selected competitions have Team Managers to register the members for the competition on time and ensure that there is a point of contact for the members on the day of the competition
  • Keep a record of the annual expenditure and attendance for the selected competitions
  • Help set an annual budget for the upcoming competitions
  • Track members’ annual participation in the selected competitions
  • Select the events (with Race Organisation) for the annual Club Championships
  • Encourage and track Juniors’ participation in the competitions (Met League etc)
  • Prepare required reports and attend committee meetings when required

General duties and responsibilities

  • Manage the Competition Lead inbox and answer any queries promptly and professionally
  • Use the email distribution system to communicate the available competitions and entries to the members
  • Help the Team Managers when needed or act as Team Manager when required
  • Ensure the selected competitions are listed and updated on the website’s event diary

Committee links

  • Honorary Secretary for membership, health and safety, safeguarding and welfare issues as required
  • Communications/Marketing for communication policy and tools; membership communications
  • Membership Lead for New Members and social activities.
  • Honorary Treasurer for the kit room, membership fees


  • Team Manager
  • Point of contact on the day of the competition
  • Committee member to approve the expenses
  • Point of contact between new members and Team Managers