Committee – Marketing


The role of the Marketing representative on the Committee is to consider and manage the most appropriate method and content of communications within and outside of the club, as well as marketing related activities.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Website (including new website development)
  • News feed & internal emails
  • Social media (Instagram, public Facebook page, Strava)
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Genearl club promotion and marketing
  • Event & session promotion
  • Press and other enquiries regarding communicating to and about the club

General duties and responsibilities

  • Develops and manages marketing strategy based on overall club strategy
  • Develops approach to target key segments / members’ types
  • Manages club internal and external comms and develops an appropriate annual plan for both
  • Develops and manages marketing activity for club hosted races open to the public
  • Manages website content, design and infrastructure
  • Agrees and manages club marketing budget
  • Manages the design and content of the club website
  • Develops and manages club social activity plan
  • Specific communications responsibilities:
  1. To ensure that those communicating or vetting the communications of others (e.g. news story writers, social media moderators) have guidance over the appropriateness of communications. This applies particularly to issues of safety. Supporting those passing on information with effective tools, and advising about the most appropriate tools for the message and audience.
  2. Given the sophistication and breadth of the club’s website, the role also requires overseeing some technology aspects related to the website. This does not require the Communications rep to be a technology expert, however, they need to work with the webmaster to co-ordinate and advise on the overall website / technology strategy.
  3. Note that the rep for Communications does not act as either a censor or a writer for the Committee. However, in certain cross-Committee projects there is a clear role for the support of the rep for Communications in stepping into a “press office” role, managing how information is communicated to the membership.
  4. The rep for Communications ensures that others are informed about how to ensure that their communications comply with the club’s safety and protection policies.

Committee links

  • Honorary Secretary and Membership Lead for content and distribution of membership pack
  • Race Organisation Rep for club race communications both internally to members and externally to participants
  • Competitions Lead for communications regarding club priority events
  • Technical lead for general training session promotion


  • Website team: Webmaster(s) & website development / maintenance
  • Communications team, including social media volunteers / moderators
  • Marketing team members