Committee – Chair


The Chair is the club’s “chief executive” and is accountable, with the other officers, to the membership for the affairs of the club.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Leadership and management of the Committee roles
  • New activities and projects
  • Chair for Committee meetings
  • Committee report for the club AGM

General duties and responsibilities

  • Oversee implementation of the club’s mission statement
  • Be aware of views, and of what’s going in the club and of what’s happening in the governance of the sport generally. Where necessary, initiate action, either alone or with other officers
  • Define club strategy
  • Encourage those who are taking some responsibility for other club activity
  • Pick up and deal with issues that have fallen through the net. Mediate/arbitrate
  • Give advice and support where necessary

As the club grows in size and influence, the Chairman will be increasingly concerned with positioning and how it should be managed, in conjunction with the President.


Committee meeting cycle

  • Chair meetings of Committee. In addition to regular reports, the two broad areas of Committee activity are to:
    • Respond to external (to the Committee) events or requests
    • Initiate and monitor new activity

In case of the former, the Chair should ensure decisions are based on all necessary information and further consultation if required. For the latter, the Chair should ensure responsibilities are clearly allocated and targets are set for the delivery of new courses of action agreed by the Committee.


  • Oversee review of club’s mission statement and the club’s performance against the objectives contained within it
  • Set up/review risk assessment (would be required for registered charity – covers financial, governance and operational risks which might affect the club)