The Surrey 4 Hills (98k)


Route summary

Distance 98k
Hills 8/10

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A hilly route through rural Surrey with a number of hilly ascents and descents, including Box Hill.

Route details


“Digital Data © Bartholomew (2006)”

Surrey Hills 98k cycle route map

Start and finish

The route starts and finishes at Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park. Roehampton Gate map

“Digital Map Data © Bartholomew (2006)”

Route details

Km Directions
0 Start from Roehampton Gate Car Park Richmond Park.
4.7 Clockwise around park road, down steep hill (particular care) at Palewell common (careful of carpark on left) then turn left at roundabout onto Queen’s road (still inside the park).
4.8 Through Kingston gate, and turn immediately right onto King’s Road.
5.9 Left at lights onto Richmond Road into Kingston (particular care with traffic through Kingston).
6.3 Entering Kingston one-way system the road goes left at lights after passing under railway bridge. We suggest dismounting and crossing pavement to head right on one-way system (cutting out a large part of one-way system).
7.2 Cross Kingston Bridge over Thames and left at roundabout along Hampton Court Road.
9.4 After sharp-left bend at Hampton Court, continue straight over roundabout and cross bridge over Thames.
9.6 Following bridge crossing, and after pedestrian lights, move into right hand lane and take second right into Bridge Road.
10.5 Take first roundabout exit into Esher road, becoming Ember Lane.
11.8 Continue on Ember Lane right, then left 250 yards later.
12.7 Turn right into Lower Green Road.
13.9 Follow road left into More Road.
14.9 In Esher, turn right into Portsmouth Road (Esher High Street), and continue over Stony Hill.
18.3 Over the A3 overpass.
20.7 Left at T junction onto Between Streets.
21.1 Right into Downside Bridge Road before Cobham.
22.0 Right into Plough Lane, becoming Ockham Lane.
26.9 Join right onto Ockham Road North, then left onto Guileshall Lane 100 yards later.
28.1 Over Rose Lane onto Hungry Hill Lane, becoming Ripley Road.
33.0 Follow road through village centre, the carefully straight over Epsom Road (dual carriageway) into Staple Lane.
35.8 Bear right towards Ewhurst.
37.0 Straight across, with care, at crossroads with A25.
45.4 Turn left in Ewhurst onto Ockley Road.
49.0 Turn right at junction with Holmbury Road.
50.0 Turn left towards Coldharbour.
59.1 When reaching the edge of Dorking, go straight on into Vincent Lane.
59.8 Turn right onto West Street then imediately left onto Chalkpit Lane.
60.5 Bear right onto Ashcombe Road.
61.3 Take great care turning left into dual carriageway, London Road.
62.9 Move into right lane for the roundabout and take first exit into Old London Road, heading uphill.
63.3 Take first right into The Zig Zag. Set stopwatch timer at junction for time trial up Box Hill.
65.7 At the top of Box Hill, record stopwatch time, and turn right for excellent cakes and tea at Box Hill cafe.
After cake stop, turn right down Boxhill Road.
69.7 Heading downhill, take extra care turning hard left into Headley Common Road.
71.1 In Headley, ignore left and continue straight into Church Lane becoming Tilley Lane then Headley road after M25 overpass.
75.7 Turn right into Wilmerhead Lane, becoming Woodcote Green Road.
77.9 Turn right at lights into South Street and Epsom centre.
78.2 Take first exit at roundabout then first left 100 yards later into West Street, becoming Christchurch Road.
80.2 At roundabout, take second exit into Horton Lane.
82.7 Continue straight through roundabouts until left at Chessington Road, becoming Moor Lane then Bridge Road.
85.2 Turn right at roundabout into Hook Road.
86.5 Continue straight over roundabout, following Hook Road becoming Brighton Road.
89.2 Turn right at lights onto Portsmouth Road, parallel to Thames.
90.9 Follow Kingston one-way system.
91.9 Very carefully move into right lanes to exit onto Richmond Road.
92.6 Turn right at lights into King’s Road.
93.7 Left at T junction into Queen’s road, then right at roundabout to head anti-clockwise around Richmond Park.
98.4 Finish at Roehampton Gate.