Serpentine Membership Statistics

This page shows some basic membership facts about Serpentine.

Our club has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the past few years. From a solid base of around 100 runners, membership took off quickly in the early 21st century, peaking in 2006 before settling down to its current level of 1800 members (as of now).

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A large number of members join in the January-February period each year, as New Year resolutions and London marathon training both spur athletes into action.

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Not surprising the largest proportion of runners have UK as their country of origin ...

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... but the club has many runners from different parts of the world. The most frequent are shown below.

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We have members from the following countries:Andorra (1), Australia (39), Barbados (1), Belarus (1), Belgium (6), Bulgaria (1), Canada (17), China (2), Cyprus (1), Czech Republic (3), Denmark (7), Egypt (2), Eritrea (1), Estonia (1), Finland (1), France (58), France, Metropolitan (2), Germany (33), Greece (2), Grenada (1), Hungary (5), India (1), Ireland (46), Italy (48), Japan (5), Kenya (1), Korea (South) (1), Latvia (2), Lithuania (2), Luxembourg (1), Malaysia (1), Mexico (1), Morocco (1), Netherlands (10), New Zealand (Aotearoa) (17), Norway (2), Poland (9), Portugal (6), Romania (2), Russian Federation (5), Saudi Arabia (1), Singapore (3), Slovak Republic (1), South Africa (7), Spain (32), Sweden (10), Switzerland (7), Trinidad and Tobago (2), Ukraine (1), United Kingdom (1328), United States (61), and Zimbabwe (1).

Given its recent growth it is not surprising that many members have only been with the club for a year or two.

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The Club has a large proportion of members in the 20-35 age range and there is a fairly even proportion of male and females in the Club in the younger age ranges.

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The intake in the past year has been broadly in line with our overall membership profile, perhaps slightly younger and more likely to be female.

Chart 580e518112467

Our club has a very wide range of abilities, as demonstrated by the spread of age-graded performances in races in the past 2 years:

Chart 580e51812d212

Our track and field results have an even wider range of age-grading performances, reflecting our willingness to offer everyone a chance to compete:

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In our membership database, club members can specify what are their fitness interests. Members can choose several interests hence the table does not sum to 1800:

Road running148682.6
Cross country90850.4
Track & Field57531.9
Help the club37020.6
Qualified first aider985.4
Lead blind runner884.9

And finally, a bit of fun: the 10 most frequent first names:

Male: David (179), James (172), John (171), Andrew (156), Paul (136), Richard (136), Michael (131), Mark (124), Chris (116), Simon (113).

Female: Sarah (186), Kate (91), Rachel (87), Helen (82), Emma (80), Caroline (78), Claire (78), Catherine (70), Anna (68), Laura (68).

Different forms of the same name counted separately.

Note that all values (except those in the first graph) are live from our membership and results databases.