Lanzarote trip 2017 - dates announced

Planning for the Serpentine trip to Club La Santa Lanzarote in 2017 is well underway and we are pleased to announce that dates for next year’s trip have been set at

  • Thursday 9 March to Thursday 16 March (7 day trip), or
    Thursday 9 March to Sunday 19 March (10 day trip)

for training and relaxing in the sunshine.

Please note that this year everyone will need to book their own flights - there will be no group flights arranged. We will try to organise a bus from the airport to Club La Santa as soon as we know how many people are on the same flights and the arrival times of flights.

We are planning a launch event in early October, which will be an opportunity to ask the coaches and organisers about next year’s trip. The launch event is a great way to find out more, especially if you have never been to Lanzarote before. We plan to open booking for next year’s trip shortly after the launch event.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the launch event.

The Lanzarote team

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