New Thursday Paddington track session

For the next three weeks (starting 23/07) there will be a new Thursday session at Paddington track focussing on middle distance events and the training required for them.

Its a session designed for those looking at specialising a little more towards middle distance and will be used to see whether there is the appetite to create a more middle distance orientated training group in the new year (for which marathons will be banned!). Its not a session for beginners / improvers or those not already running at least 4-5 times a week and should be seen as complimenting your existing training sessions rather than being your principal 'speed' workout of the week.

The session on 23/07 will be 800m based, 30/07 will be 400m based and 05/08 will be 1500 based.

It will start at 7pm, the meeting point will be at the 200m line (no need to pay the £1) and it will be coached by Andy Robbins.

Submitted: 22 July 2015