May handicap report

It's important to start this month's report by sending our very best wishes to Manuel Moreno, one of the elite Serpies to clock more than 100 Handicaps.

As most club members know, Manuel has just suffered a very serious accident. We all have our fingers crossed for him and we're delighted that he's planning to join us for July's race.

May's Handicap was held in ideal conditions and saw three fresh faces make it onto the podium. The gold medal glory was grabbed by Eda Korkmaz, whose extensive recceing of the more obscure sections of the Metropolitan Line paid dividends handsomely. Melanie Hilton came in second and Simon Hardy was third. As they also took part in the Tube Relay, maybe more Handicappers should be running round the Underground in training!

Down the field, we had our usual spate of PBs: Nicholas Hinde, Laurent Le Mee, Theo Highland, Nicola Mcglennon, Margaret King, Alex Malzer, Harriet Hughes, Christoper Hopton, Tom Poynton, Aaron De Souza, Franca Pugliese, Michael Buglass and Gemma Phillips all excelled themselves. It would be ungentlemanly to reveal who won the battle of the Irish sisters, but, as both Sorcha and Siobhan Wakely got personal bests, they can be pleased with their morning's work! (If you really want to know, it was Sorcha).

There were other notable performances from William McAvock - who gamely took up our invitation to try to win as emphatically as he did in April... but came 46th - and by Sophia Holder. Sophia was 10th, which, realistically, is likely to be her best result ever. Raoul Mansukhani also graced us with a once-in-a-decade appearance and beat his PB by more than two minutes. See you in 2024, Raoul!

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The Handicap Team were particularly pleased that, for the second month running, we managed to get enough volunteers without sending out begging emails. They did their jobs brilliantly and their names were: Debbie Croydon, Enrico Lozano, James Streetley, Anthony Stranger-Jones, Salina Christmas, Stephanie Vaatz, Andrew Hibbert, Steve Kjar, Abby Sneade, Bev Thomas, James Stratford, Eva Ruiz, and Pat Victor.

See you in June!
The Handicap Team

Submitted: 15 May 2014