Track & Field Awards

Trophies for 'athletes of the season' and the club championship 100m, 400m & 800m races were awarded at the end-of-season social last night.

The 'athletes of the season' awards are presented by each team captain to the athlete on their team who in their view has made the greatest contribution to the team. All areas are considered and activities outside of actual event performance which assist the team are given more weight than actual performance. Such activities may include making themselves available for all meetings; filling-in in non-preferred events; taking on difficult events; providing coaching to fellow team members; and assisting the team captain or manager.

Women's vets captain Jan Farmer presented the Jan Farmer Trophy to Tolli Hickes.

Men's vets captain Andrew Maynard presented the Derek Paterson Trophy to Graeme Harrison.

Senior women's captain Lisa Pettit presented the Ladies' Trophy to Natasha Sheel.

Senior men's captain Nick Barberis presented the Robin Kindersley Trophy to Will Green.

Many thanks to the small group of dedicated officials who helped at each of the SAL, Rosenheim and Southern Vets League meetings.

As the outdoor season is now finished, we also presented the club championship trophies for the shorter track races: 100m, 400m and 800m.

Age graded
Club Championship 100m - (full results)
100mGraeme Harrison
Anna Diamantopoulos
Graeme Harrison
Club Championship 400m - (full results)
400mGraeme Harrison
Laura Carmichael
Graeme Harrison
Club Championship 800m - (full results)
800mNicholas Torry
Helen Palmer
Nicholas Torry

A big thank-you to Josie Wildridge for organising the evening.

Submitted: 3 October 2013