Serpentine Duathlon Championships 2013

The winners of the duathlon championship are Angus Beaumont and Debbie Clarke.

The Ful-on Duathlon has been a regular event on the tri circuit since 2008. For 2013, however the race has moved to a new venue, Dunsfold Aerodrome. This is the same venue that Top Gear uses as its test circuit. There were no cars today though only fast moving runners and cyclists.

The racing was split into 3 waves with the male under 40 open category going first in almost perfect conditions, a dry bike circuit, clear blue sunshine and a light breeze. Half an hour later the male over 40 vets started with the ladies open and vets starting 30 minutes after the male vets.

First to show for Serpentine was Chris Graham who was 15th after the first run in wave one while Angus Beaumont was going well in 5th place in the second wave. For the ladies it was Debbie Clarke finishing the first run in 10th place.

Out onto the bike things became a little less clear as the 3 waves began to mix up. With the bike course set as 5 full laps of the aerodrome, the wide road and corners meant it was flat out biking from the off.

Once the second run began things became clearer and Chris Graham was first over the line from wave one in 14th place (17th overall) in a time of 1.22.10.  Would this be good enough to win? Angus now off the bike and running well would not have known Chris’s time but he was now up to third place in the wave. Angus finished in 1.21.55 3rd male vet and 15th overall in the process becoming club duathlon champion for 2013.

Back on the course Elizabeth O’Connor used the bike leg to catch Debbie and remained ahead throughout the second run finishing in 1.39.48 for 10th overall and 1st lady vet. Debbie gained some time on the second run finishing in 1.41.12 and 13th overall. Debbie, however, becomes the club duathlon champion for 2013 asElizabeth was not wearing club kit.

Congratulations to the 20 odd Serpies that travelled down for the race. Full Serpie results available here.

Submitted: 29 April 2013