New Running Technique Course (RunTech) - Sign Up Now Open

The Club is laying on another Running Technique Course starting this Thursday 4th October. Read on for more details...

You can read some feedback of the original trials here and of the Series 1 courses here

Each session will  last approximately 60-75mins and will comprise a mix of the following:

  1. Video of running form on the 1st and last day 
  2. Dynamic Warm-up
  3. Balancing exercises (to improve co-ordination, balance, alignment and core strength)
  4. Technique drills including marching, skipping and running drills (to encourage good form)
  5. Plyometric exercises (to improve power and co-ordination)
  6. Shoulder and pelvis mobility exercises (for improved contra-rotation)
  7. Hurdle Drills (to increase hip flexibility and range of movement)
  8. Speed Agility Quickness drills (to encourage good form, improve reaction time, speed and power)
  9. Core conditioning and strength exercises 
  10. Cool down including stretching for flexibility
  11. Homework exercises including videos of all the exercices as an aide memoire

There were 2 coaching conferences over the weekend, the 1st  included a seminar on how hurdle drills are useful for all athletes and the 2nd a seminar on Plyometrics. This seems to support the course agenda and the latest plyo thinking from the seminar will be incorported in the coaching.

There will be 2 courses in the new series, both at Paddington Rec on Thursdays:

  • Session 1 at 6:30pm to 7:30+pm
  • Session 2 at 7:45pm to 8:45+pm
  • Dates: October: 4th / 11th / 18th / 25th November 1st
  • Cost: £55. (there is a fee for changing at Paddington Rec of ~£1.50 but the track is free)
  • All details, payment and sign up can be found here:
  • Note: If there is not enough demand for 2 sessions, a single session will start at 7pm

The course wil be taken by Andrew Reeves. Any questions and for payment details please contact him directly.

Submitted: 2 October 2012