UPDATED: Round Norfolk Relay - 17th/18th September

Final call to sign up for the Round Norfolk Relay. We have a place in this 17 stage relay but we need aseveral more team members. If you would like to run and/or help, please contact Ian Hodge.

Jolyon Attwooll has volunteered to try and organise this weekend so all we need now as a few more runners!

The third of the spring/summer weekend relays Serpies take part in, the Round Norfolk Relay, follows the Norfolk county boundary for a distance of 195 miles. Unlike the Green Belt and Welsh Castles Relays which are run as 22 or 20 individual races over two days, the Round Norfolk Relay is run continuously with teams of 17 runners passing the baton from one runner to the next at each stage. The race features a staggered start, much like our club handicap, with the intention that every team ultimately finishes at the same time. Check out the Round Norfolk Relay website for more details.

After leaving King's Lynn, the route follows the ruggedly beautiful Norfolk coastline, alternating between road and coastal path, to Great Yarmouth. Turning southwest, it then passes through the special features of Breckland, including a stretch of Thetford Forest, before swinging northeast, over the Fens and back to race headquarters in King's Lynn.

Mostly run on roads, the course is gently undulating, has one stretch of light sandy track through the forest and several miles of coastal path. Each runner runs one stage, with stages varying from about 5 to 20 miles in length. Runners are accompanied by cyclists on each stage so this is a great opportunity for our cyclists to join in as well.

If you would like to run and/or help, please contact Ian Hodge

Submitted: 16 August 2011