Lanzarote 2011

Perhaps earlier than you might have expected, entries for the 2011 Lanzarote trip are now open. The trip will again offer 7 and 10 day options, departing on 10th March 2011.
Picture from Lanzarote 2011

For those new to the club, Lanzarote is a long running training camp for both runners and triathletes, offering unparalled opportunities for training and socialising. This year's trip was once again a highlight of the Serpie year, and we were lucky to have a large number of newer members joining the trip. I'd encourage you all to check out the trip details at: 

Further trip details can be found on the booking form.

Accomodation at Club La Santa for March 2011 is in high demand, so we have had to confirm our booking earlier than usual and have only been able to secure 80 places (60 for 7 day, 20 for 10 day). I expect these to over-subscribed, and I am not confident we will be able to get more places at a later date, so I would encourage you to sign up early. This will also give you the best chance of getting a bike space, your preferred room option and trip length. First come, best dressed!

Entry Central sign up is via the above link. You must also complete the booking form and post it to me (1st Class Post only please - registered mail may take a long time to reach me as I am rarely able to get to the post office to collect it). Please note that your place will only be secured once I have confirmed receipt of your £150 deposit. You may pay online but you will need to pay the online fees yourself. Regardless of how you pay, you must complete and send me the booking form. If you request a bike place you must pay for this at the time of booking. Deposits and bike places are non-refundable, and balances are strictly due by 1st December 2011.

Justin Lock

Submitted: 17 June 2010