1k Club Championship

2nd grand-prix race held in Hyde Park. The winners were Andrew Reeves & Karen Hancock.
59 Serpies raced down Rotten Row this morning (not all at once - they were split into five groups) in the annual 1k championship. This year\'s winners were:

Andrew Reeves 2:36
Karen Hancock 3:19

The age-graded winner was David MacGregor with 89.2%
Andy\'s time is the 2nd fastest ever by a Serpie over this course.

This was the 2nd race in the summer grand-prix, the next one being the 1 mile race at Paddington track next Thursday, 20th July (registration from 18:45, races start at 19:30). The grand-prix trophies are awarded to the male and female runners who get the best total score across all 4 races (1k, 1M, 3k & 5k). The scoring for men & women in each race is:

---------------- x100

The current grand-prix leaders are:

Andrew Reeves 200.0
Ian Druce 196.4
Eric Vamben 194.1

Karen Hancock 195.7
Penny Thorn 194.6
Louise Croxson 191.1

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Submitted: 15 July 2006