Women's road and cross-country captain

We say farewell to Vic Crawford who's moving abroad and welcome Jo Beak as the new captain.

Sadly (for us) Vic is moving to Geneva and after over two successful years as the women's road and cross-country captain she is having to step down. She leaves a legacy of improved performances, bigger teams, and a training squad which I'm sure is the envy of many other clubs.

From that squad, Jo Beak has stepped forward to take on the captain's job and I hope you'll all help her make a success of it. Her first task is to build a few teams for the southern 4 stage road relays, so women - sign up here!

Jo has been doing results and events admin work on the website (along with a few others) but will no longer have time for this now so I'd like to thank her for all that work over recent years.

Submitted: 13 August 2014