England Athletics marathon champs results

Serpentine's men's team won the gold medal in the London Marathon and our women's team won bronze.

Congratulations to Nick Torry, Hendrik Zietsman and Will Green who won the gold medal for Serpentine (for the first time ever I believe). Anyone watching the race couldn't fail to notice how dominant we were on Sunday with 13 men finishing under 2:45:00 and Nick 7th British man over the line.

Men's Team

1: Serpentine
2: Highgate Harriers
3: Tadworth AC

In the women's race we should also have won gold except that two of the fastest three Serpie women to finish were not wearing club kit. This meant they did not score for the team and pushed us down to bronze medal place. Congratulations to the scoring team of Helen Winsor, Anna Berdinner and Liz Wynn.

Women's Team

1: Belgrave Harriers
2: Cornwall AC
3: Serpentine

A couple of other highlights to note are that Nick smashed the club record for the marathon with his 2:19:39, and Sue Lambert once again hit 90% age-grading with her 4:05:18 as an FV70!

Submitted: 24 April 2012