NOTICE: Special General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that there will be a Special General Meeting of the Serpentine Running Club held at 21.00 on Wednesday 10 August 2011 in the upstairs room, Duke of York public house, 45 Harrowby Street, London W1H 5HT.

The purpose of the SGM, which has been requested by over 30 members of the club, is to discuss a proposal from the Committee that several club rules are changed in advance of the 2011 AGM (which will be held on 21 September). The rules are:

Rule 25 - the new proposed rule is:

25. The management of the Club, except as may otherwise be provided by the Rules from time to time, shall be deputed to a Committee (together the members of the Committee) consisting of: i) the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer; and ii) not more than twelve other Ordinary Committee Members all to be elected by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the respective provisions in the Rules governing such elections.

Rule 29 - the new proposed rule is:

29. The Committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy in its numbers so long as the number of members of the Committee entitled to vote is not reduced below ten in which case it shall be entitled to act only for the purpose of appointing or arranging the election of new members of the Committee.

Rule 55 - the proposed new rule is:

55. Any Member of one year's standing who at the relevant time is a first claim Member may be nominated by any other two Members, with his/her approval, as a candidate for any of the posts of Honorary Officer or Ordinary Committee Member by notice in writing (including email) to the Secretary at least two weeks before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The nomination shall clearly state for which position(s) the member is standing.

Rule 57 - the proposed new rule is:

57. If the number of candidates for the post of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer or Ordinary Committee Members (as each falls for election) is only one, that candidate shall be declared elected. If the number of candidates is more than one, balloting lists shall be prepared containing in alphabetical order all the names thus proposed: every eligible Member may vote for each office, and voting shall be by the Alternative Vote with the first candidate to reach a majority elected.

Rule 58

Rule deleted

Please direct any queries to John Cullinane at

Submitted: 20 July 2011