London Marathon viewing

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As in past years, a large group of Serpies will be heading to the Highway to watch the race.  This is close to the 13 and 22 mile points, so you will get to see the runners twice.

The nearest tube is Shadwell on the DLR.  Alternatively, Tower Gateway and Tower Hill tubes are 10 minutes walk away.

Breakfast, if you want it, from 9.00am at Cafe Marron, which is adjacent to Shadwell station.  Then go to the Highway, where the wheelchair competitors should pass at about 10.00am shortly followed by the elite women.  We normally meet close to the (now closed?) Old Rose pub. 

If the road is open for pedestrians, to get to the pub you cross the Highway and go right, past St George's Swimming pool, to the junction of Cannon Street Road.  St Georges-in-the-East is on the corner.  If the Highway is closed to pedestrians, which it probably will be, head east (left) for about 400m to an underpass, where you'll be able to cross the road.

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Malcolm French

Submitted: 10 April 2011