Serpie Planner - event reports

Forestman Triathlon (12 Jul 2009)

Scenic, well organised and friendly but tough race in the New Forest, thoroughly recommended for those who like a few hills.

Nice swim course in a secluded water-ski lake (4k more accurately measured this year than last year’s 4.3k apparently), followed by an undulating 3 lap bike course around the forest to take in all the nice scenery, and then an equally scenic trail run with 3 laps of relentlessly sharp hills to make a few grown men weep.

Split transitions mean you have to be fairly well organised with your kit, but I found this no problem partly due to the small field (only 96 finishers) and very friendly and supportive race organisers. This was only the race’s second year of running and it deserves to really establish itself as a popular alternative to IMUK, for those who don’t fancy going overseas for their ironman fun and would prefer to go for something cheaper, easier to enter and with a more relaxed and low-key atmosphere than the official branded event. Don’t enter it if you’re looking for a fast time though – I wasn’t joking about the hills…

Report by Ian Payne

Forestman Triathlon (26 Jun 2011)

Lucy Payne - 3rd female