Serpie Planner - event reports

Swissalpine Davos C42 (31 Jul 2004)

The C42 actually is an extension of the K30. The race starts at Davos Platz goes to Davos Dorf. Then it turns back to Davos Platz on a slight uphill road. It leaves Davos and we followed the road over undulating terrain. After about 8 km it became steeper and we went into the forest. From here it was all the way uphill until about km 16. The advantage of running through the forest was the temperature. When we left the forest it was getting very hot. From km 16 it started to go down, the course that is. It was a steep and long descent with very few flat or slightly uphill bits in it. This does not mean it was fast. Nearly every step has to be set careful and some bruised runners have been seen there. We crossed lovely valleys and locals with cowbells shouting HOP HOP HOP. At km 30.8 in Filisur the K30 runners stopped, only the C42 runners and the K78 runners went on. Fellow Serpies who did the K30 waited for us to cheer us on and we started our way to Bergun. The next few hundred metres were still downhill but after that there wasn't much downhill left. With about a 3 parks distance to go we had to climb about 600 metres. This began with a slightly run-able incline that developed into a steep slope where everybody walked, at least the ones around us. At km 39 we reached Bergun where we were separated from the K78 runners. These went steady uphill along the K48 route while we were diverted down into a valley. With about 2k to go we made our way down and along a nice river and towards a bridge. Then on the other side of the river we went up again. 25 to 30 minutes later we were back in Bergun and the crowd started cheering as soon as we came around the corner. We finished in just over 5:11, 2:37 behind the winner.
Report by Lars Menken